AAAsolute Advantage
AWAAlternative Work Arangements
AVAdding Value
AYCAssessing Your Competition
ARAnnual Return
AEAccounting Equation
AAAccrual Accounting
ASAccounting Strategy
AVCAngeles and Venture Capitalists
AFAnnual Fee
ASAcquiring Services
AIArtificial Intelligence
APFAir Pollution Finance
AAAll Accounts
BDWBuilding Diverse Workforce
BPBalance of Payment
BRBlocking Roles
BSBranding Strategy
BBEBuilding Brand Equity
BEABreak Even Analysis
BDBusiness Development
BMBoard Meeting
BFBrokerage Firms
BRBank Regulation
BLBank Loan
BABusiness Applications
BPBusiness Partner
CPIClient Price Index
CCClient Confidence
CICase Interview
CCCorporate Citizen
CAComparative Advantage
CMClient Mode
CSConsultant Support/Supporter
CEClient Engagement
CIAClient Information Accuracy
CLClient Location
COClient Office
CWCompressed Workweeks
CFTCross Functional Team
CTPClass Team Projects
CCCommunication Channels
CMClient Market
CPClient Psychology
CEClient Education
CBCorporate Branding
CBPCost-Based Pricing
CECompetitive Environment
CRConsultant Report
CMConsultants Meeting
CADComputer Aided Design
CCClient Contract
CPCapacity Planning
CSClient Satisfaction
CIConsultant Involvement
CIContinuous Improvement
COCorporate Owner
CISComparative Income Statement
CRCurrent Ratio
CBCommercial Banks
CUCredit Unions
CSCommon Sign
CAFCash Advanced Fee
CCChoosing a Career
CICompound Interest
CCTCredit Card Theft
CACertificate Authorities
CLCriminal Law
CLClient Law
CSLClaim of Service Liability
CDCompensatory Damages
CLCase Law
CCIConsumer Confidence Index
CIConflict of Interest
CLConflicts of Loyalty
CCCodes of Conduct
CSCompliance Stage
DBPDemand-Based Pricing
DCDistribution Channel
DERDebt-to-Equity Ration
DRDiscount Rate
DDData and Databases
DSSDecision Support Systems
DSDenial of Services
EODEqual Opportunity and Diversity
EMBARGOBanning of Foreign Services
EAFEngagement Assessment Form
EFWEmployee-Friendly Workplace
EWEmployed at Will
ECExcellent Consultant
EEEconomic Environment
EYIEvaluating Your Industry
EOEvaluate Opportunity
E-PElectronic Purchasing
ESEngagement Schedule
ESEstimating Sales
EJOEvaluating Job Offers
ESEnterprise Systems
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
EISExecutive Information Systems
ESExpert Systems
E-CElectronic Commerce
ELEmployer Liability
ECEmployment Contract
EWExpress Warranties
EDMEconomic Decision Making
EFEconomic Forecasting
EIEconomic Indicators
EOEthical Organization
EDEthical Dilemmas
ELEthical Leadership
EELExercising Ethical Leadership
FPFiscal Policy
FRFiduciary Responsibility
FSFinancial Support
FLEXTIMEArranged starting & quitting time
FBFunctional Barriers
FPSFlexible Production Systems
FAFields of Accounting
FAFinancial Accounting
FAFinancial Accountants
FFSFunction of Financial Statement
FSFinancial Statement
FSAFinancial Statement Analysis
FCRFinancial Condition Ratios
FCFinancial Companies
FSFinancial Services
FPFinancial Plan
FMFinancial Method
FPFinancial Planning
FPLCFinancial Planning Life Cycle
FCEFinancing a College Education
FGJFind a Great Job
FGFinancial Goals
FWFunction of Law
FEFull Employment
FSHFreedom from Sexual Harassment
FCFinancial Contributions
GPGrievance Procedure
GCGroup Cohesiveness
GSGeographic Segment
GPGuiding Policy
GGGeneration Gap
GSGrowth Stage
GPGoing Public
GJOGetting a Job Offer
GEGraduate Education
GACGoing Alone Consultant
GBWGround of Breach of Warranty
HCHolding company
IMFInternational Monitory Fund
ICIdentify Client
IMIdentify Market
IQCInternational Quality Control
ISOInternational Standard Organization
IAInternal Auditor
ISIncome Statement
ICInsurance Companies
IPInvasion of Privacy
ISInformation Systems
IEIntranets and Entranet
ICDMInvolving Consultants in Decision Making
ITInternational Torts
JSJob Sharing
JDJob Description
JVJoint Ventures
JSJob Specification
LEILagging Economic Indicators
LEILeading Economic Indicators
LTYLight Turns Yellow
LALanguage Assessment
LTLong Term
LMGLevels of Nature Goals
LPLand Pollution
MPMonetary Policy
MECEMutually exclusive, Conclusively Exhaustive
MNCMultinational Corporations
MOAMemorandum Of Agreement
MSMarketing Strategy
MBMarketing Behavior
MRMarket Research
MMMass Marketing
MCMass Customization
MAManagement Accounting
MAManagement Accountants
MERManagement Effectiveness Ratios
MEMedium of Exchange
MSMoney Supply
MMMoney Multiplier
MMMoney Multiplier
MCManaging Cash
MARManaging Accounts Receivable
MAPManaging Accounts Payable
MPMarket Performance
MIMarket Indexes
MYDManage Your Debts
MDManaging Data
MBMonthly Bills
MSSManagement Support Systems
MISManagement Information Systems
NBDNegotiation Break Down
NCNonverbal Communication
NBINew Business Idea
NPMNet Profit Margin
NCNegligence Claim
NWSNet-Worth Statement
OPSOther Pricing Strategies
OEPOdd-Even Pricing R9.99
OPOperations Processes
OPOperations Planning
OPOpportunity Profit
OEOrganized Exchange
OLFOver-Limit Fee
PCPlanning Consultant
PTPersonality Type
PCPreparing Consultant
PCPracticing Consultant
PCPresenting Consultant
PPPrestige Pricing
PTPromotional Tools
PRPublic Relations
PRPPublic Relations Practitioner
PREPolitical and Regulatory Environment
PPProduction Process
PPPrecise Presentation
PPPersuasive Power
PCIPurple Cow Ideas
PUPlace Utility
PCPotential Client
PIDPublished Industry Data
PSSPurchasing and Supplier Selection
PMRProfit Margin Ratios
PAPersonal Assets
PSPreferred Stock
PCFPosition in Corporate Finance
PIIPositions in the Investment Industry
PIPresenting Information
PTPassword Theft
PDPresent Deal
PSPrice Stability
QUOTASImport restriction to prevent foreign competition
QCQualified Consultant
QMQuality Management
RPRole Play
RARole of Accounting
RARation Analysis
RRReserve Requirements
RSMRegulating Securities Markets
RTOReward Trade Offs
RCRisks of Clients
RRRefusing to Rationalize
SACSpecial Attention to Client
SMTSelf-Managing Team
SMMSocial Media Marketing
SMSegment your Market
STMSelecting a Target Market
SMMESmall, Micro and Medium Enterprise
SDService Development
SPPSkimming and Penetrating Pricing
SCMSupply Chain Management
SCESocial and Cultural Environment
SYMSegment Your Market
SDSell Dimensionally
SSSite Selection
SCService Control
SCService Contract
SQService Quality
SPCStatistical Process Control
SOService Outsourcing
SOEStatement of Owner’s Equity
SCFStatement of Cash Flow
SVStore of Value
SBSavings Banks
SBASmall Business Administration
SLService Line
STShort Term
SMGSetting Mature Goals
SIShare Information
SSSupport Systems
SSSelling Services
SEScope of Employment
SDSeeking Damages
SRLStatutory Responses to Littering
SRSocial Responsibility
SSCSupporting Social Causes
TRTightening the Rules
TCTransport Cost
TARIFFSTaxes on Imports
TBTrading Blocs
TELECOMMUTINGRegularly works at home while connecting
TCTarget Costing
TVCThe Value Chain
TETechnological Environment
TBPThe Buying Process
TUTime Utility (Place of delivery)
TPTransformation Processes
TCTough Competition
TATypes of Assets
TLTypes of Liabilities
TVMTime Value of Money
TPSTransaction Processing Systems
TVCThe Virtual Company
TLCThe Law Contracts
TGCLThe Goals of Contract Law
TURThe Unemployment Rate
TNDThe National Debt
TRTheory vs Reality
TMSThe Managerial Stage
TSSThe Strategic Stage
TCSThe Civil Stage
UCBUniformed Consultant are for Business
VAValue Added
VTVirtual Team
VSValued Service
VPAVertical Percentage Analysis
WBWorld Bank
WLWork Life
WBWhistle Blowing
WBWages and Benefits
XX-axis is symbolic with how Consultant engages
YAYour Abilities
ZACZealous Attitude towards Client
ZOZonk Out (meaning sleeping consultants have no place in the firm)

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